Welcome to Ancestral Wellbeing

Are you in a difficult time in your life? Did your body fail you and all your dreams of a better and healthier you are slipping away? Let me tell you a secret – your body is actually fighting for you, it is trying its hardest to get you in the best and healthiest state all the time. 

Since the very moment you were conceived, your body’s mission has been to fight, keep you safe, healthy and alive. Unfortunately, there are countless possibilities why the fight can be weakened or even lost. 

The environment we live in, the emotions we experience, the stress we cope with, the products we use even the clothes we wear and most importantly the diet we eat, are all possible contributors to the state of our wellbeing at any given moment. 

Some of the factors we don’t have any control over, but many of them, as you can see, are in our own hands. 

In general, my mission is to inspire people to rely on nature when it comes to eating, healing, and living. Nature is wise and nurturing – most importantly it provides us with the most perfect form of food and medicine, we just need to learn to recognize it. I believe very strongly that the diet our ancestors had is something to desire. They believed in nature, and trusted her in every step as well as in their own innate intelligence. While working with clients I teach them how to listen to their own body language as well as how to recognize the ideal food choices for healing that come to us in the perfect form from Mother Nature.

When it comes to helping people who are very sick, my mission is to help them become their own healing masters. Through education, lifestyle and diet changes, detoxification and spiritual growth, many can and do regain the balance in their body and mind that is imperative for achieving health and wellbeing again. 

As part of the healing process I help clients address many aspects of their health and lifestyle, which are essential for optimal body and mind function:

– Nutrient dense and healing diet (customized for every situation)
– Proper digestion (can’t heal if you can’t digest)
– Blood sugar balance (the root cause of many diseases)
– Mineral balance
– Hormonal balance (the power house of health)
– Hydration (dehydrated body – sick body)

– Spirituality (everything above is worthless is the spirit is broken)