Unlike our ancestors, we live in an extremely polluted world. Toxins are everywhere from our food, to our hygiene products, to our clothing, where we work, where we live, every breath we breathe.
So you see, it is not only the food we eat that makes us sick and toxifies our bodies, it is much more.
We all are bio-individuals and our bodies can be polluted more, or less depending on your situation and surroundings. And so, it doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, how you live, or what kind of diet you eat; your body can benefit tremendously from being detoxed.
Detoxification is a physiologically complex process that involves many systems including:

• Cardiovascular System
• Lymphatic System
• Digestive system
• Urinary System
• The Skin
• Respiratory System

Detoxification can also be a very powerful personal experience, which can make you feel positive, or in some cases, negative. To avoid all the negativity and to achieve optimal results, it is very important to prepare yourself mentally, and your body physically. In doing so, all the detoxification pathways are open and working properly to maximize results.
If you are thinking seriously about a detoxification, I strongly recommend a 3 month or 6 month wellness package before embarking on a detoxification program. This will effectively determine what your body’s needs are by going through foundational support and healing, which include:

Diet Improvement, Digestion Optimization, Blood Sugar Control, Fatty Acid Balance, Mineral Balance, and Hydration

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If you feel ambitious and are confident that you want to jump right in,

here is the basics of my Detoxification Program:

A 3 step program designed to address the most common underlying causes of chronic health challenges. The duration varies from person to person. The cleansing is achieved through strategic dietary restrictions and a variable supplement protocol during the three phases of the program.

 The Ultimate Detox Goals are:

• Decrease inflammation in the body
• Reduce toxic overload
• Reduce harmful bacteria
• Reduce heavy metal toxicity
• Heal leaky gut syndrome
• Restore damaged joints
• Nourish your body on the cellular level

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