RAC_9641 Part of living a healthy lifestyle is being able to grow your own food. Having a vegetable garden, a little patch, or even some containers on your patio or apartment balcony gives you an amazing feeling of accomplishment and reward when you are able to pick that first tomato and pop it into your mouth.

We are living in a time when store bought food is far from the pure natural food that our ancestors ate.  Most of the food we buy at the store, (even the organic ones in many instances) is grown with pesticides, herbicides, various kind of sprays to keep them looking beautiful and fresh longer on the supermarket shelves. We ingest all of these chemicals every time we take a bite of our supermarket quality foods. You can avoid eating chemicals by buying food from local farmers who practice farming the natural way and choose not to use poison to grow their food. But why not take it one step further and grow your own? By doing it yourself you know for sure that the tomato you are popping into your mouth is totally clean and ripened by nature. What’s better than gardening? Foraging. And what’s better than organic? Wild. Wild food is an amazing resource. I grew up in Lithuania and I remember as a child spending my summers in the woods with my parents or grandma picking all sorts of wild berries, mushrooms and nuts. They were so tasty, grown in Mother Nature’s garden. My husband is a permaculture certified designer and a long-term member of the Mycological Association of Washington DC. By embracing the permaculture philosophy, he designs with nature and focuses on care of earth and care of people to create permanent agricultural solutions and edible landscapes utilizing perennial plants and trees. What’s better than a garden, a food forest, get started on planning yours today with nut trees, fruit trees, berry bushes and more.

We would love to help you gain the knowledge needed to effectively grow your own food, plan your own garden no matter how small or big, learn about edible wild plants and fungi that are all around us. Let us know how we can help you take the first step towards a lifetime adventure of feasting and learning. Call now for more information